Lilith in the Bible


Description of Lilith 

Lilith (Hebrew:  לילית Lilit; Arabic: ليليث ‎Līlīt) is a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and Death.

What the Bible says

(KJV+) The wild beasts of the desertH6728 shall also meetH6298 withH854 the wild beasts of the island,H338 and the satyrH8163 shall cryH7121 toH5921 his fellow;H7453   the screech owlH3917 alsoH389 shall restH7280 there,H8033 and findH4672 for herself a place of rest.H4494


what the babylonian talmud says

R. Hanina said: One may not sleep in a house alone,14 and whoever sleeps in a house alone is seized by Lilith.

Rabbah said: I saw how Hormin the son of   Lilith was running on the parapet of the wall of Mahuza, and a rider, galloping below on horseback could not overtake him.

Rab Judah citing Samuel ruled: If an abortion had the likeness of   Lilith its mother is unclean by reason of the birth, for it is a child, but it has wings. So it was also taught: R. Jose stated, It once happened at Simoni that a woman aborted the likeness of  Lilith, and when the case came up for a decision before the Sages they ruled that it was a child but that it also had wings.

What the Kabbalah says

Jewish tradition – Kabbalah : the collective name for the Oral Traditions handed down from generations of Jewish rabbis until the teachings reached the mass populous today.

  • The Book of the Angel Raziel : Sefer Raziel HaMalach

The origin of the Book of the Angel (or Archangel) Raziel originated when G-d had given the knowledge to Raziel (which means “Secret of G-d”) since his mission is transmitter of secrets (“Jewish Encyclopedia,” p 335).
According to Jewish tradition, G-d ordered Rehab to retireve the book and return it to Adam. The book was stolen again and ended at the bottom of the ocean for centuries. It was later retireved by Raphael, who gave it to Noah to protect him during the flood. Eventually, it was given to King Solomon by a Babylonia prince. In the 11th century, the book disappeared. A 15th century Italian translation has been discovered. A Hebrew version, Sodei Razya / Sefer HaShem – is attributed to Rabbi Eleazar
 The Book of Raziel was published in 1701 in Amsterdam. Belief also held that possession of the book protected a home from fire.

  •  Lilith Amulet



  •  Lilith Amulet


  • Book of Incantations and Magical Formulae

Often reprinted, this popular book of practical  kabbalah includes incantations and magical formulae. The opening shows an amulet to protect women in childbirth and newborn infants from harmful spirits, in this case, the spirit of  Lilith. According to legend, Lilith was Adam’s first wife (before Eve), but left him when he refused to share power equally.

THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA -VOL. I – Pages 548-50 (in part) – Amulet


  • the jewish religion its influence today by Elizabeth Dilling

Lilith — Favorite Demoness
 Of the hordes of demons the Jew who would win out must use and dismiss, none is more prominent than   Lilith. Some of the amulets meant to keep her in check, as reproduced from the Jewish Encyclopedia, appear in Exhibits 286 and 287. Lilith is supposedly jealous of lying-in mothers and their new-born Babies.Bild

What the zohar says

The Zohar is a collection of   commentaries on the Torah, intended to guide people who have already achieved high spiritual degrees to the root (origin) of their souls.

  1. Zohar 3:19a
     When the Holy One, blessed be He,will bring about the destruction of the wicked Rome, and turn it into a ruin for all eternity, He will send  Lilith there, and let her dwell in that ruin, for she is the ruination of the world. And to this refers the verse, And there shall repose   Lilith and find her a place of rest (Isa. 34:14).

  2.  Zohar III 227b
     The black bile from the spleen corresponds to   Lilith. She is under the control of Saturn. She is the melancholy of the nethermost kingdom of the dead, of poverty, darkness, weeping, lamentation, and hunger.






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