Mythological creatures in Jewish-Christian books

Unfortunately we have found books alleging it holy books inspired by God, contain things have no presence reality, and they are all pure myth and legend rather than have any connection with the fact.

What are mythical creatures?

Mythical creatures are almost always literary creatures that generated popularity out of literary circulation and story-telling. They are legendary creatures that at one point were believed to be real beings, while some have their origin traced from literary myths.

 Mythical creatures can be divided into two groups; the first group consists of creatures that everyone agrees to have existed or still exist today and the other group is composed of creatures in which not everybody agrees as to whether they have existed or not.

 While the first group is asserted only on literary works and word of mouth, its impact becomes stronger over time. The tale becomes a legend and is passed down through generations resulting in the myths that exist today.



  1. Lilith in the Bible
  2. Lamia in the Bible
  3. Onocentauris  in the Bible
  4. He-goat in the Bible

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