Satyrs in the Bible

Description of Satyrs 

In Greek mythology the satyrs are deities of the woods and mountains. They are half human and half beast; they usually have a goat’s tail, flanks and hooves. While the upper part of the body is that of a human, they also have the horns of a goat. They are the companions of Dionysus, the god of wine, and they spent their time drinking, dancing, and chasing nymphs. The Italian version of the satyr is the faun, while the Slavic version is the Ljeschi.

Satyrs are known for being creatures that were half men half goats with Pan  as their leader but also followers of Dionysus.
From their play the tragedy (=goat-song) originated according to Aristotle.


What the Bible says

Isa 34:14 The wild beasts of the desertH6728 shall also meetH6298 withH854 the wild beasts of the island,H338 and the   satyrH8163 shall cryH7121 toH5921 his fellow;H7453 the   screech owlH3917 alsoH389 shall restH7280 there,H8033 and findH4672 for herself a place of rest.H4494.


  (KJV+) But wild beasts of the desertH6728 shall lieH7257 there;H8033 and their housesH1004 shall be fullH4390 of doleful creatures;H255 and owlsH1323 H3284 shall dwellH7931 there,H8033 and satyrsH8163 shall danceH7540 there.H8033


What the dead sea scroll says


What the Aleppo codex says





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